Entitlement & Development

From the time you acquire a piece of land parcel or the time you are in contract to purchase one, we can help you with your due- diligence process. Once the property is acquired we take it through the entitlement process and deal with respective governmental agencies to obtain the permits. We take the worries off your hands. Our experienced design team will handle it all for you with a very reasonable fee. We do however, would like to participate in to searching an appropriate financing for your project by providing you various financing options for the construction and consequently the permanent financing of the finished product.

Ask us about our services and insights:

  • Market pricing
  • Zoning and environmental issues
  • Ordinances
  • Utilities
  • Right-of-ways
  • Traffic counts and demographics
  • Assessing the use for land ┬áparcels.

Expertise in acquiring land for development

CC Partners carries extensive relationships with developers, property owners, political officials, zoning board members, and municipal leaders. Our relationships have been fostered over years of hard word in the Real Estate field in California.

We can help uncover opportunities for your company, as we have industry insights that can help to provide new investment strategies. Contact us to help us deliver quality investment options.